Mar 17, 2011

shop update | Classic Farmhouse Storefront

We are busy bees trying to get everything assembled and beautiful for you before we open on April 1st!!!

My dad has been such a blessing and worked awful hard on building me a storefront...doesn't it look fabulous?!

Will have more to share soon...

including the address...

Stay tuned!!!

Mar 9, 2011

Grand Opening of our New Store

Things are moving along so quickly and I decided it's about time to let you in on what's going on...

We are opening a real live brick and mortar store!!! So excited!!!

No it's not a joke, we are opening April 1st and yes that's less then a month away. I am frantically painting, upholstering, shopping, searching and scouring high and low for the best stuff to offer you!!! I'm pulling out all the stops! I've even begun pilfering my personal stash of fabulous finds and treasures to bring to the store...even things I swore I'd never sell are quickly getting shuffled to the sell pile. It's going to be great and I can't wait to open the doors.

Mark your calendars and I look forward to seeing any or all of you there!

I will keep you posted as things progress and will be announcing the specific location soon...just to peak your curiosity I will tell you it's in Auburn, WA.