Apr 29, 2011

diy idea | Inspirational Quote Sign

Don't you love this quote? It's so true!

Whether you use this same quote or one of your own favorites this quick guide to repurposing an everyday crate is great! Stop by Whipper Berry's blog for this weathered sign and loads more great projects.

Apr 28, 2011

shop update | A Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is this Friday and since everyone's talking about it we decided to join in the festivites and add a few British inspired pieces to the shop in honor of the special occasion.

A shabby style Union Jack...

some royal reading...

enough silver to serve the queen...

a variety of beautiful english transferware...

and even a Royal typewriter.

God Save the Queen!

Apr 4, 2011

shop update | Grand Opening Weekend

It was such an amazing weekend that simply flew by! Speaking of flying...I was suprised at the variety of fun items that flew out of the store this weekend! Everything from candlesticks to coffee tables and everywhere in between.

My favorite part of the weekend? The loads of amazing customers that I met!!! I have never talked with so many warm, encouraging and kind people in such a short peroid of time. Saw some familiar faces and discovered some new friends.

So enough of my gushing and on to some pics. Here's a peek of the store before the weekend shoppers came through..

I am so blessed with all the family and friends who have given so much to help make this happen ...I believe I may be permanetley endebted too them!!!

Looking forward to the future...