Jan 27, 2009

Studio/Office Inspiration

I know I should be busy putting "everything in it's place" but I am so excited about the decorating portion of my office that I had to take a moment to share some other work spaces that have inspired me.

I'm sure no one would expect The Farm Chicks home office to be anything less then absolutley darling, full of bright colors and cute prints. I really love some of their great ideas for labeling and organizing.

Heather Bullard has a great home studio full of trinkets, baubles and cute little accesories. I'm afraid I'd be too distracted in this space admiring all the pretty things and never get anything done though!

Lola B's office is so tranquil and calming. I can certainly see myself spending a lot of time sitting in that gorgeous chair of hers flipping through Country Living magazines with a good cup of coffee in hand.

I'd have to say that my overall favorite space though is by Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage. You can view some of her office pictures here. I absolutley love everything she has done! The colors, the patterns, the style is so me and she even has a cup with my intial on it! Forget redoing my office I think I'll just move in there. :0)

Do you have a space that inspires? Would love to see it...leave a link and I'll be sure to check it out.

Phase 2 - The Purge

Well it has taken me two long evenings to dig my way through the mess in my soon to be studio/office. After removing most everything from the room I was glad to see it was much bigger then I remembered and believe it or not I had a small desk, chair and rug underneath it all.

I was suprised at a lot of the little things I found along the way and said to myself many times "so that's where this has been hiding", "hmmm...what does this belong to?","I kept this why?" Needless to say I had a number of things to throw out, many neat items to add to my annual spring garage sale and a lot of organizing to begin. I am resisiting the urge to start decorating so instead I now begin what is to me the most difficult part: Phase 3 - A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place.

Jan 23, 2009

Phase 1 - Admit Weakness

It is now 24 days in to the new year and it's about time I started putting some of my 2009 goals into action. Near the top of my list was tackling my overwhelmingly cluttered spare room. When I first stepped out to try running my own business I had high aspirations of turning my second bedroom into an insprational space full of the things I loved, projects I was working on and a very organized space to get things done. Ha ha ha! How quickly necessity of everyday life turned this dream into the dumping grounds for everything I wanted to hide when friends or family were stopping by. They say that admitting weakness is half the battle so in an attempt to start off on the right foot here is my confession:

So it wasn't quite a verbal confession but if a picture is truly worth a thousand words...need I say more? Seriously it's such a disaster!!! Tons of amazingly cool vintage things, fabrics, projects, etc are floating around in this mess but who would know?! And who knew someone who could be so super organized at her former places of employment could let her own office look this way...goes to show how much discipline it takes to work for yourself!

Be sure to check back later for Phase 2 - "The Purge."