Apr 25, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Have you missed me? Ok so maybe it's not been that long but it has been over a week since my last post. Since starting my blog last year I do believe this is the longest I've gone without at least writing a little something.

It's not that I've been intentionally neglecting my blog but the way it is with life busyness can seem to eb and flow. Sometimes I've got all the time in the world and then sometimes I barely have a moment to breath.

Just this past week I've been cleaning out the garage in order to make room for the things I've been purchasing in preperation for the Funky Junk Sisters show this June. I've picked up a lot of fun things this past few weeks that I will give you a peek of later.

With all the items I needed to clean out I considered a garage sale but decided I might not have enough to make it worth my time. I decided to post a few things on Craigslist to see if that might work and it turned out pretty good!

The first items that went were some cool old windows and a farm style rocking chair...

then an old leather travelers bag...

next was a french provincial etagere and a primitive potting bench...

and last but not least my huge antique armoire.
Some of you may remember my previous post about this piece and the story of how I accquired it. I actually had great plans for this piece but knew how valuable the space was that it was taking up so I had to let it go. I think I actually breathed a sigh of relief when it left and am now loving all the extra room I have for new finds. On to better (but hopefully not bigger) things!
Before I get too eager in my purchases though I have a number of things to purge...slowly but surely!

Apr 17, 2009

Friday Flea Market

For more information on the Friday Flea Market click here.


Payment buttons are sercure and directly through Paypal

1969 'Time for Love' Charlton Comic Book No 11
Time for swinging, time for dreaming...this vintage comic book is the July 1969 volume no 11 and is filled with a soap opera type love story told with colorful images. Interspersed with advertisements on weight loss, hari pieces and more. Some light wear but overall good vintage condition. Great for your collection or to use as an addition to a craft or mixed media project.
Cost $6.00

60 Vintage Illustrated Recipe Cards in Box

Manufactured by Current and still in the original box this set of sixty recipe cards reads "Here's what's cookin'" and "Recipe from the kitchen of." It also has a space for how many the recipe "Serves". Colorful antique stove on each card. Cards are in excellent condition and each measures approx 3 x 5.

Cost $6.00

Vintage White Glasbake Casserole Dish

This vintage Glasbake white milk glass oval casserole dish has a green daisy pattern on both sides. It measures approx 8 .5" x 5.5" and is in very good condition with just some slight wear to the paint.

Cost $12.00

Apr 15, 2009

Taxes & Tea Parties

Just this past Sunday I had a smile on my face and was enjoying Easter with my family not realizing the impending doom awaiting me for today.

Ok so maybe doom is a little exaggerated but somehow I made a significant mistake in my taxes and had to come up with more then double what I had initially planned. Ahhh!!! I have a held a number of positions in accounting and bookkeeping so I'm fairly knowledgeable in these matters but I'm only human and somehow I missed a line that was quite vital. What once was a smile quickly turned to a frown. After a few quiet moments and prayers I pulled myself together and pressed on.

So of course while I'm filling out my revised and corrected paperwork I turn on the news to all these reports of tea parties going on around the nation. Boy was I feeling similar to some of those who were speaking out. It seems that party lines are disappearing in the hopes of gaining common ground for what is right. There is always hope right?

God's promises are true and He is always faithful. He reminded me of this Sunday (the day I was still smiling)...a promise. A double promise actually and this is the second (or would that be the fourth?) I've seen in two months! Maybe I should have looked for a pot of gold at the end of these rainbows...I sure could have used it today.

So now I'm thinking I might need to hire an accountant this year...any recommendations?

Happy Tax & Tea Party Day to you!

Apr 14, 2009

Farm Chicks Giveaway!

Well the generous ladies over at The Farm Chicks blog are having another giveaway! Get on over there to join in the fun and enter for your chance to win 2 yards of very pretty fabric by Pixie Dust Decor.

Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter from The Classic Farmhouse

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead..." 1 Peter 1:3

Apr 11, 2009

Favorite Find Friday

Once I again I am late in posting my Favorite Find Friday and I'm going to have to blame it on my new Twitter account! While I love blogging I was quickly sucked in to the Twitter world...I guess you could say I became twitterpated...hee hee!
Ok enough about that now on to my finds! My mom and I headed out yesterday morning to a couple thrift stores that ended up being closed and then decided to try a sale we had seen on Craigslist that sounded promising. We don't give up that easily when out!

We were very excited to see all the cute things this gal had for sale. She herself owns an online store and does some holiday shows throughout the area. I tried hard to google her store when I got home but to no avail...anyone know of Holly's Prim Fixins? Anyway, my mom and I found some great things (one we fought over and she won...darn that guilty feeling!) two of which I'll share with you.

Neither of them are truly vintage, in fact they were brand new, but they fit the vintage farmhouse style I have going so I decided I had to have them. First off is this cute framed coffee sign that was only $5!

And then I had to have this little sign for only 50 cents...it just made me smile. I have so been there before!

Hope you all were able to find some fun things this weekend!
Now that I've shared my finds I might just sneak back to Twitter...hee hee...somebody please pull the plug on my computer!

Lola B's Having a Giveaway!

In celebration of her 200th post (yikes that seems like a lot!) Kasey at Lola B's is having a giveaway and you won't want to miss out! I've been following her pretty much since I started in blogland and I always enjoy her pretty photos as well as the cute and entertaining stories she shares. Stop by and read her beautiful garden party post and enter to win by leaving a comment. Double up on your chances for winning by posting about it on your blog and if you're new to her blog she has even more opportunities to win stuff. She sure is one generous lady!

Apr 10, 2009

Friday Flea Market

For more information on the Friday Flea Market click here.
Payment buttons are sercure and directly through Paypal

Vintage Set of 6 Embrodiered Pale Yellow Napkins

This delicate set of six vintage pale yellow luncheon napkins are embellished with a stitched floral design at one corner and are scalloped around the edge. In perfect vintage condition, couldn't find a single flaw. Each measures approx 11 x 11.

Can now be puchased here at my Etsy

Vintage Hobnail White & Clear Soap Dish

This pretty little hobnail dish is white with a clear background and ribbed base. In good vintage condition besides a couple small rough spots on the inside of the rim. Measures approx 3 x 5 x 1.75" high.

Can now be puchased here at my Etsy

Apr 7, 2009

Farm & Flea Market Weekend

A new dear friend of mine had invited me to join her this past weekend for the Skagit Valley Antique & Flea Market in Mount Vernon, WA. We had planned this a few weeks ahead and I was so excited to get away even if just for a night!!!

After a rough start with a dead car battery we hit the road and headed to my friends parents farm for the night. Ever since my trip to Spokane last spring I have been obsessed with wanting to move to a farm so needless to say I fell in love as soon as we pulled in the driveway!!!

The setting was so serene and what is that I hear? ...ya, that would be nothing!!!! Oh how I loved it!
I wish I had taken way more photos as the interior of the house was even more wonderful and a vintage lovers dream! Every nook and cranny was full of treasures and stories to be told.
My bedroom was on the upper floor and was oh so cozy with a comfy bed, vintage decor, painted wood floors, slanted ceilings and the quaintest view.

Can you spot those two lonely wrought iron chairs and the wood bridge...I just love it!

I could have just hung out at her parents (who I greatly enjoyed meeting and getting to know!) farm all day but we (my friend, her mother and I) didn't want to miss the good deals and headed off to the Antique & Flea Market.

It was a gorgeous day and just right for shopping. There were 7 or 8 barns to go through so we didn't waste anytime and started browsing. I had no idea what to expect but was not disappointed. Again, I wish I would have taken more photos, as well as more money and possibly a trailer. Between the three of us we packed my smaller SUV to the brim! Here are a few things I found:

I got a few other things and then of course my friend and her mom got some very cool things as well. There were barn loads more of items!!! There was even a booth that most everything was 25cents! I could have spent so much more and will be marking my calendar again for next year...in fact I can't wait!

Now I just have to decide what to keep and what to pass on...want to help me decide?