Jul 9, 2011

giveaway | Seven Ways to Win {day4}

Missed Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3?
It's not too late to enter!

Now on to Day 4...

I rarely say no to an old book even if it's falling apart.
So what do you do with a shabby old book?

Tear it apart of course...and turn it into a banner!

These have been very popular in store and sell out within hours of me putting them up.
We've sold sayings like "God Save the Queen",
"Let Freedom Ring" & "Happy" among others. 
 I even made this one for my cousins wedding shower.

Now here's your opportunity to win a custom one.
Your choice of up to 15 letters, numbers and/or images on your specified color of vintage seam binding.
Book pages will be chosen at random.
Up to $20 value.

Want to win?

Here's the rules...we'll keep it simple.
Enter one or all ways and be entered to win each time.
Just let me know what you did.

1. Follow me and leave a comment on my Facebook page.
2. Leave a comment on this page and follow me here --->
3. Sign up for my monthly...ish newsletter.

A new prize will be added each day.
You must leave a comment for each item your interested in,
or simply say "I WANT IT ALL" at any point and be entered in each one.

Each winners name will be drawn via Randomizer.Org at midnight on July 12th
and will be announced the following day.

Best of luck and spread the word...

...3 more prizes on the way!!!

If you live outside the United States feel free to play along, however some items may not be shippable or might have to be conformed to meet restrictions for shipping (ie pillow covers would have to be sent without the inserts)


Josie said...

beautiful stuff and I want it all!!

Marija said...

following you via GFC- I want to win it all!

marija.majerle at gmail dot com

christy said...

i follow on gfc
yanuzo at hotmail dot com

christy said...

i signed up for the newsletter
yanuzo at hotmail dot com

Kaytee said...

oooh I so love this!
katelyn.j.stephens at gmail dot com

KatCollects said...

I would love to win a cute banner! I am following you by email and going to check it out on facebook. Thank you : )