Jan 27, 2009

Studio/Office Inspiration

I know I should be busy putting "everything in it's place" but I am so excited about the decorating portion of my office that I had to take a moment to share some other work spaces that have inspired me.

I'm sure no one would expect The Farm Chicks home office to be anything less then absolutley darling, full of bright colors and cute prints. I really love some of their great ideas for labeling and organizing.

Heather Bullard has a great home studio full of trinkets, baubles and cute little accesories. I'm afraid I'd be too distracted in this space admiring all the pretty things and never get anything done though!

Lola B's office is so tranquil and calming. I can certainly see myself spending a lot of time sitting in that gorgeous chair of hers flipping through Country Living magazines with a good cup of coffee in hand.

I'd have to say that my overall favorite space though is by Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage. You can view some of her office pictures here. I absolutley love everything she has done! The colors, the patterns, the style is so me and she even has a cup with my intial on it! Forget redoing my office I think I'll just move in there. :0)

Do you have a space that inspires? Would love to see it...leave a link and I'll be sure to check it out.


Daisy Cottage said...

Well, aren't YOU adorable??
THANK YOU so much for all of your kind words!!! Welcome to Blogland!!! I'm so glad you are here and I will add your blog to my Blog Candy page. I LOVE your yellow cabinet.. you are so right - that would fit right in my home!! ;-)
What color blue did you use in your other room? Love that - I'm thinking of painting our "travel" office that color soon.
Anywho - it so nice to meet you Katy and thank you again!


cityfarmer said...

My kitchen inspires....just posted last week about a makeover....scroll down to "Move that bus"

thanks for visiting...
I'm now stalking (following) you, too

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love Kim's office, I love her whole house, so colorful and warm!
(just like her) All the ofices you have shown are personal, wonderful spaces. I'm still working on mine.:)
xo Lidy

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,
Im so glad you found our blog.Love Heathers and Kims places too!Hope too see you soon in Sumner!
Have fun in blogland!

Halo Hill said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Isn't that funny about meeting friends through Craigs List of all places? Like minds! Hurray, I'm still going to hook up with my new friend soon! I'm sure it will be fun!

Kasey said...

I thank you.