Feb 27, 2009

Favorite Find Friday

I admit I have become addicted to Craigslist and have to monitor my use of it or I could spend all my time and money running around to pick up things. I am going to blame my mom for this addiction as she got me started on it a couple years back. She insists you can find anything on there and she is so right! We are often sending each other items we think the other might like. I will have to take some time to write a post about all the fabulous things I have found on CL to furnish my home but today I will share just one.

Yesterday evening I was bored and gradually browsed my way to the free section of CL. One of the first items on there was the beautiful armoire/wardrobe!!!

I was so excited to find out it was only 15 minutes away so of course I picked up the phone and called to reserve it. I was the first to call so I immediatley flew out the door knowing there would be a number of interested folks begging to come get it before me. I was right because when I showed up the gentleman it belonged to said he recieved 7 calls in less then 2 minutes after I hung up from talking to him. We quickly loaded it in the truck and drove off with my happy find!

Ok now I recognize it has some flaws but c'mon it's free!!! It does have all it's orginal hardware on the outside and even the original rod and hooks for clothing on the inside. Besides some loose trim pieces and some nicks and scratches it really is in very solid condition.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet but you can bet the ideas are flying around in my head. It's so pretty I hate to paint it but it could look really great in the right color. The part I am most excited about being creative with is the center portion where a mirror used to be. Now of course I could just put a replcaement mirror in there but I'm not sure I want to be so typical. Any ideas???

Well that is the first of my Favorite Friday Finds...I can't wait to share future fabulous finds!


Catherine said...

Now that`s a find! I`ve just started using CraigsList and I love it!

UPON A HILL said...

Wow that's an awesome find!!!! Are you going topaint it or leave it just the way it is?