Feb 22, 2009

Early Spring Cleaning

With only a few days with no rain in the forecast and even the sun peeking out from behind the clouds most people ventured out to enjoy the weather this weekend. I on the other hand planned a garage sale. I just couldn't wait to get rid of some of the items from my office purge and I had a number of other items sitting around that just needed to go. It was time for an early spring cleaning!!!

Of course a garage sale is always a decent amount of work but oddly enough I actually enjoy all aspects of planning a garage sale...the set up and display, the tagging, the bartering, the interaction with a variety of people, even the packing up the leftovers and dropping them off at a local thrift store. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But if this is crazy I'm enjoying it!

I knew it was a bit early for garage sale season but I also knew that die hard thrifters, not unlike myself, would be glad for the opportunity to shop for some bargains. I was not expecting to make a lot of cash but was more then pleased to clean out items that I no longer needed. It really was not the type of annual garage sale that I usual have though as I never made it through all my antiques and collectibles...hmmm...now I'm thinking about a fancy "antique sale". Now that would be really fun!!!

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