Sep 25, 2010

Window Treatment Collection

Ya ever put things off for no apparent reason? Is it laziness or maybe fear? Or maybe just a bit of procrastination?

Whatever it is I have had great intentions of adding handmade items to the Classic Farmhouse.

From time to time I would get ambitious and post a little something in my shop.

It would sell.

I would do a little happy dance!

Then back to my comfort zone of vintage.

Well enough is enough...

I'm breaking free of procrastination, fear and putting things off!!!

Welcome to my new collection of window treatments with Classic Farmhouse flair...

I've been making window treatments for myself, friends and family members for as long as I can remember and decided this was going to be my place to start.

So exicted to see where this goes...

Join me?

What have you been dreaming of doing?

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