Feb 21, 2012

random stuff | A Hutch & a Hunch

Yesterday was President's Day and there were many thrift store sales going on. I stopped by one that I knew was half off to see what they had. It was very picked over but I did find a couple great pieces including this Ethan Allen hutch in nearly perfect condition. Haven't decided yet what she'll look like when I'm down but her bones are great.

Anyway, as I was browsing the already picked over selection I saw a chair at the end of an aisle that peaked my interest. Problem is there was a woman all over it and I didn't want her to know I was interested. No need to make her panic and purchase! I decide to subtley circle and try to at least get a look at the price. Of course she's in the way, in fact she's all over this chair. I'm begninning to wonder what's up. She's behind the chair now practically hugging it. Come on lady let go of the chair! What was even stranger is she's not even looking at the chair...her eyes are wandering everywhere else though. What's she doing? Maybe she's not all together? Her behavior is rather suspicious and now I'm curious. I decide to circle againand just as I come up behind her I see she is swapping the price tag from a $14.99 chair to "the" chair which was $39.99. Did she just do that?! I keep walking. Did I just see that?! Ok that's it, I'm mad now. How dare she! The chair is no longer on my mind, justice is and I head toward the front. I informed an employee who called her boss over. I'm happy to report she did not get away with her scheme...at least yesterday justice was served!

So what would you have done? Confront her? Walk away and leave it be? Tattle like I did?

Oh and no I didn't get the chair, the lines were pretty but it was rather beat.



Anonymous said...

Love the story & even more justice was served. Good for you. Waiting to see how the hut h turns out..

conleelee said...

I would have done just what you did. All of us pay in the end when there is any kind theft. Good for you Katie! Love your pieces.

Diana Johnson said...

That is SO messed up! I would have done the exact same thing. It's stealing, plain and simple, and should never be excused. Good for you!