Feb 25, 2009

Phase 3 - A Place for Everything & Everything in it's Place

After sorting everything into it's respective category I went about finding the perfect size container for each grouping of items. Of course many items fit nicely into the drawers and cabinets in my extra large hutch.

The shelves were great for my magazines,...

scraps of fabric...

and a variety of vintage trims.
I found some cute little wood baskets for storing bits of sewing trim and such at Ross which I hope to stencil descriptions on in the decor portion of my studio makeover.
Some more generic baskets were the perfect size to tuck under the lower portion of my cabinet and held much larger quantities of things.

And of course my vintage expandable sewing box is now brimming with goodies that I found around the room...might be time to start using some of those!

This little cabinet was a $20 find at an estate sale...I love all it's shallow drawers with the tag holders on the front. It had been floating around my home in hopes of finding the perfect place to land and I believe this is it. It is ideal for paper and as you can see my printer/scanner tucks in right on top and underneath my fabric shelves.

Now speaking of fabric...yikes I have a lot!!! A local fabric shop was kind enough to give me some empty bolts that they were planning to discard. It never hurts to ask and my large amounts of yardage are now tucked safely in a basket neatly rolled on these cardboard bolts.

Then I found this vintage gold display shelving that was just right for all my smaller amounts of yardage.

Lastly, I put a vintage fruit basket to use for all my hankies, doilies and scraps of fabric.

So nice to have this tedious part of the process over!!! It feels so good to have a place for everything. Now I can't wait to get started on my favorite part of the process Phase 4 - Making Things Pretty. And as I teaser I leave you with a sneak peek into one of my first projects that is the jumping off point for my color scheme.

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