Jun 29, 2009

Million Dollar Monday

It's million dollar monday again and I've found some more vintage items on Etsy that would be completley unnecesary but oh so fun to have.

This sofa would look quite nice in my living room...
Red Fans Loveseat
$1250 at

on which I'd throw this darling floursack pillow...

Roses Flour Sack Pillow
$38.50 at

...talk on this crazy bright yellow phone, Vintage Princess French Style Phone
$64 at D

...eat snacks from one of these darling cup and tray sets
Red Roses Milk Glass Snack Set
$40 at JustSmashingDarling

...and watch the dishes dry in this amazing old dish dryer.

Old Farmhouse Kitchen Tin Dish Dryer
$58.50 at

So while we're dreaming...what would you buy?


Stacie said...

Love that phone! How fun is that!

By the way - you've just further fed my Etsy shopping habit! I'm going to check these shops out.

Amy'svintagecottage said...

i like the tin dish drainer with the green dishes!