Sep 2, 2009

The Signs of Fall

Dare I say it's beginning to feel a bit like fall? Here in the Northwest we've enjoyed a beautiful summer with even a few days of record breaking high temps but the last few days I've been setting aside the flip flops and pulling out the fuzzy socks. I know fall does not officially start until September 22nd so I haven't given up on summer completley but there is a slight nip in the air announcing that fall is fast approaching.

The weather is not the only thing that is turning my mind towards fall.

A few other signs it's on it's way is the desire to:

Bake Goodies
This recipe looks good and is shared by a very talented young lady!
Browse around her blog while you're won't be disappointed.

Watch Black & White Movies

The Shop Around the Corner
Grab a cup of cocoa or a bowl of popcorn and click above to watch this 1940's romantic comedy in it's full version!

Light Candles

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Rearrange Everything!
I'll share more about this in a future post.

So what things are making you think fall???

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Arlene said...

The weather here is the same in Southcentral PA. We've had such an unusual summer. In fact, you Northwesterners were hotter than we were here, very unsual. But this past week, its feeling like fall, and it shows by the sunsets. I love fall, but I don't love what comes after that, WINTER. But hot tea in the evenings, old movies, baking, all remind me of fall. But I will be hanging onto the few days of summer that is left. Love your blog.