Apr 2, 2009

What I Wish I Knew Then...

I did my first, so far my only, and hopefully not my last antique show this past summer at the Sand Point Antique & Design Market. I joked for a long time afterwards that this may have been the worst day of my life. I was completley eager but so blind to what I was doing, had never even attended this show to know what I was in for and was ignorant enough to think that my past years of garage sale experience would get me through. Ha ha ha!!! I can laugh now but then it was such a defeat to all my high hopes and I literally arrived home after the show drenched to the bone, barely breaking even, quite near tears and ready to give up! Walking away from that day I vowed I would never do another antique show in my life.
Now that over 7 months have passed (time must truly heal all wounds) I just can't help myself and have started looking around again for another new show (or two) I want to participate in. I will share more later about that but I wanted to share an article from another blog that I found that I sooooo wish I would have read before attempting what I did. In some respects it is more specific to craft shows but there are really some great tips here for doing any show!!! Check it out...http://www.indiecraftshows.com/blog/2009/beginners-guide-to-craft-shows/

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