Apr 11, 2009

Favorite Find Friday

Once I again I am late in posting my Favorite Find Friday and I'm going to have to blame it on my new Twitter account! While I love blogging I was quickly sucked in to the Twitter world...I guess you could say I became twitterpated...hee hee!
Ok enough about that now on to my finds! My mom and I headed out yesterday morning to a couple thrift stores that ended up being closed and then decided to try a sale we had seen on Craigslist that sounded promising. We don't give up that easily when out!

We were very excited to see all the cute things this gal had for sale. She herself owns an online store and does some holiday shows throughout the area. I tried hard to google her store when I got home but to no avail...anyone know of Holly's Prim Fixins? Anyway, my mom and I found some great things (one we fought over and she won...darn that guilty feeling!) two of which I'll share with you.

Neither of them are truly vintage, in fact they were brand new, but they fit the vintage farmhouse style I have going so I decided I had to have them. First off is this cute framed coffee sign that was only $5!

And then I had to have this little sign for only 50 cents...it just made me smile. I have so been there before!

Hope you all were able to find some fun things this weekend!
Now that I've shared my finds I might just sneak back to Twitter...hee hee...somebody please pull the plug on my computer!