Apr 15, 2009

Taxes & Tea Parties

Just this past Sunday I had a smile on my face and was enjoying Easter with my family not realizing the impending doom awaiting me for today.

Ok so maybe doom is a little exaggerated but somehow I made a significant mistake in my taxes and had to come up with more then double what I had initially planned. Ahhh!!! I have a held a number of positions in accounting and bookkeeping so I'm fairly knowledgeable in these matters but I'm only human and somehow I missed a line that was quite vital. What once was a smile quickly turned to a frown. After a few quiet moments and prayers I pulled myself together and pressed on.

So of course while I'm filling out my revised and corrected paperwork I turn on the news to all these reports of tea parties going on around the nation. Boy was I feeling similar to some of those who were speaking out. It seems that party lines are disappearing in the hopes of gaining common ground for what is right. There is always hope right?

God's promises are true and He is always faithful. He reminded me of this Sunday (the day I was still smiling)...a promise. A double promise actually and this is the second (or would that be the fourth?) I've seen in two months! Maybe I should have looked for a pot of gold at the end of these rainbows...I sure could have used it today.

So now I'm thinking I might need to hire an accountant this year...any recommendations?

Happy Tax & Tea Party Day to you!


Kasey said...

oh, i have someone do my taxes for me. have to.
i'm horrible on paperwork.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Lol! Poor thing! Nothing like getting the rug ripped out from under your happy thoughts!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, my...that is a big bummer! At least you noticed before the IRS did :-)

Thanks for adding me to your list of NW ladies (just noticed!)! I'm honored!