Jan 22, 2011

recipe | Buttercream Frosting

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I rarely bake a cake or cupcake from scratch! Why you ask? Well when all anyone ever talks about is the fabulous frosting then I started to think it didn't matter. And quite honestly I don't think anyone even suspects, that is until  now...

Anyway, you might wonder what is this fabulous, make you want to eat way too much cake frosting I speak of? Well I'm now going to let you in on another little secret...

My Buttercream Frosting Recipe!!!

It did start off from a tradtional, simple and pretty good recipe found in a book but over time I've tweaked it to something rich, creamy and oh so great!

So go ahead whip up a boxed cake mix and then try it yourself...

you won't be disappointed...

Step 1:
Beat together until fluffy...
1/2 Cup Butter (softened)
1/3 Cup Cream Cheese
(Just 2/3 Cup butter can be used if no cream cheese is available)

Step 2:
Add each a little at a time and blend well until creamy and smooth...
4 Cups | Powdered Sugar
6-10 Tablespoons | Half & Half

Step 3:
1 Teaspoon | Vanilla

Step 4 (optional):
Tint with your favortie color...mine is a pale pink of course!

Oh and did you notice the vintage platter I had my cake on? It's one of my new favorite finds! The handles lock down the lid on either side to keep it fresh and makes it easy to take on the road for birthday parties and such. So fun!

Happy Baking!

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Verde Farm said...

Hard to beat a good buttercream frosting. Yummy-thank for the recipe. Love the cake pan.