Jan 29, 2011

diy | Lace Topped Table

If you haven't see it already Country Living magazine did a feature in their current issue all about decorating with lace and doilies in unique ways. These were three of my favorites...

Well I took a little inspiration from them and did a little lace emellishment of my own.

It was so simple! I'd previously painted this little side table red so I gave the top a couple coats of a matte off white paint on the top. After it was close enough to dry completley driedI taped the corners of a square paper doily to the top with painters tape. I then dry brushed and dabbed some red gloss paint over the open spaces in the doily, let it dry then did it again.

A little touch up was necesssary but overall it came out pretty darn cute don't ya think?


The Rusty Bucket said...

Cute! I've been handpainting checkerboards on side tables, this would be way more time/cost effective. Do you worry that doyle could snag or is it flush enough?

Katy said...

Thanks for the compliment! Checkboards are fun too :0)

I basically used it like a stencil so there was no issue with it snagging. The only thing I would maybe do different is use a removable adhesive for the doily/stencil so it lays really flush and maybe use spray paint instead of dabbing the paint on.

Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!