Mar 10, 2009

Dual Purpose Dining Table

I never look at things in a conventional way so when deciding on the right desk to desk to put in my new office I dug out an antique dining table that had been sitting in the garage since last summer. My dad actually picked this table up at a garage sale for me for $15...bargain hunting obviously runs in the family. I loved it but didn't have a use for it at the time.

After a couple quick coats of pinkish paint (my own mixture of mistinted paints...I love those!!!) it was ready for use. However, it was a bit smaller then I wanted but luckily I had hung on to a large piece of glass I found at Pottery Barn during their annual University Village Sidewalk Sale for a mere $5. (The U Village sale is a must visit... I haven't been able to find the 2009 dates yet but it is typically in mid-late June) Actually, if you want to get technical the glass was free as it also came with 2 other pieces intended for side tables that I sold at a past garage sale for $5. Anyway, the glass was the perfect fit and I now have a new desk for less then $25!!! That includes the piece of wrapping paper I placed under the glass for another pop of color.

The best part of this desk (table) is that it has four extra leaves and even another set of legs for the center which make for a super long table just perfect for the occasional large to love dual purpose pieces!!!

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