Mar 7, 2009

Favorite Find "Friday"

I am late. I know it's a horrible habit to start but I totally forgot to post my Favorite Find on Friday! I must have been so caught up in my excitement for joining the Friday Flea Market. Well now that I've got my confession out of the way on to my Favorite "Friday" Find.
It all started a few weeks ago when I sold a lovely set of vintage bergere chairs that were just a little too formal for my space. I truly did love the form, texture and unique style of these chairs but in a home that is less then 900sf with limited seating comfort has to be a priority. After I found a new home for this pair my corner by the fire place was looking bare and I began dreaming of a large overstuffed chair and ottoman set with great form and style that you could curl up in. I challenged myself to a budget of $50 and kept my eyes peeled every place I went for that perfect bargain.

There is a Salvation Army in Auburn that has two locations, one of which is designated just for furniture and larger items, that I stop by when I am in the area. I normally browse fast through the furniture section to see if anything jumps out at me. When I did I passed by a chair with an ottoman sitting upside down on top of it and tucked rather tightly between a bunch of other pieces. It was hard to miss though due to it's bright color and bold pattern. "Hmmm...this is kind of cute and might just work" I thought to myself, but after a glance at the fair, yet over my budget, price tag of $80 I kept browsing.

One thing I like about this specific thrift store is they often have 50% off sales (especially on or around holidays) which can result in great deals on furniture. I'm not sure how I had missed the sign when I first walked in but on my way back to the front I spotted a sign that read 50% off yellow tags. Now of course I had to rethink every item in the store I had looked at and set off to browse again. But wait? Could it be? I rushed back over to the chair and lo and behold it had a yellow tag!!! It was a risky color for my space but for a mere $40 I had to try it. It was in such great shape too with only a couple very unnoticeable flaws. I quickly paid, packed it up and headed home where it is now nestled into the space right next to my fireplace.

At first I was a little unsure of the color and pattern in my space but it has really grown on me and definitely brightened up my living room. It is now my favorite space for morning devotions and the chair that guests don't seem to want to leave.

So what great items have you found lately? Leave a comment or link back to a great find on your blog...I would love to see what you've discovered!


Kasey said...

looks perfect!!

Kim - said...

thanks for stopping by.
I'm in Camas Wa.